My elderly mother became a resident of Better Living and Care in February 2010. It was going to be a temporary solution until we found other care out of state. Very quickly it became apparent to our family that Better Living and Care truly lives up to their name. My mother's needs have been met with kindness, consideration, and, most of all, the upmost personalized care for her general health and well being. As her needs have increased, Lucien and the staff have been extremely responsive. My concerns and questions are always promptly addresses and resolved efficiently. If you're looking for a safe, clean, reliable, pleasant, caring, and trustworthy residence facility for your love one who needs long term care, I highly recommend Better Living and Care.
Roxie M
Lucien and Stella, Both my mother and I had trepidation about her moving out of the home where she lived for more than 30 years; however, those concerns were quickly put to rest once she moved into one of your homes. My mother has done amazingly well thanks to your excellent care and social stimulation she receives from you, the caregivers, the activity coordinator, the other residents, the families of those residents, and the weekly entertainers. As a long distance caregiver, I feel that I was extremely fortunate to have been referred to you. I greatly appreciate that you go the extra mile assisting with numerous tasks. You are also amazingly responsive to all communications and all emergency health situations. Because of you and your staff I can sleep easily at night knowing my mother is comfortable and happy. She has flourished emotionally and cognitively under your care. Thank you so much.
Yardena V.
Better Living & Care Homes has been a perfect fit for Aunt Alice! When checking in from Ohio on my widowed aunt in California, I found her in poor health and living on her own in less than favorable conditions. I knew we had to address her physical needs and find a new place for her to live. Being her only family and living 3,000 miles across the country, I knew that I needed to place her in a home where I could be confident that she was getting the best care. After much research and visitation to various assisted living homes, I was fortunate to have been referred to Better Living & Care Homes. Stella, Lucien and the staff welcomed Alice into the home like a member of their own family. The personal one-on-one attention, respect and care which she receives is better than any we have seen anywhere else. I have had my mother and father in homes in Ohio and the care could not compare! The owners and staff nurture Aunt Alice’s physical, mental and social needs every day. Alice loves the warmth and sunshine of California. At Better Living & Care Homes, she has been able to enjoy many mornings and afternoons in the outdoor area doing activities, conversing with the other residents or just relaxing! The open communication with the owners and the personal loving care which she receives has given me peace of mind that she is in the best place. I considered moving my aunt back to Ohio but, because of the great care she receives there, Better Living & Care is now a place that she calls home. Thank you Stella & Lucien! I am grateful for everything that you do to help keep Aunt Alice comfortable and happy.
Myron S.
The decision to move my grandmother, Clara, out of her home was a difficult and emotional one. However, as her dementia had steadily progressed, it was no longer safe for her to be in her own home. Securing a loving home-like environment was my highest priority for her as I searched for a board and care facility. In Better Living and Care, I found that. Lucien and Stella were both amazing – they made a difficult transition easier on both my grandmother and myself. The caregivers in my grandmother’s home went above and beyond in caring for her. She was always treated lovingly, with respect and with dignity. I felt at peace knowing that she was receiving such compassionate care. I was able to visit at any time – and I did – and was always welcomed into the home. I cannot emphasize enough what a special place Better Living and Care is.
Lisa C
Dear Stella & Lucien,
Thank you so very much for the wonderful care and support you and your staff provided to my wife Jennifer for the past three-and-a-half years, I was always able to sleep well knowing she was in such good hands.
As you know, I visited her almost every day, at different times, to assure myself that she was indeed getting loving care. Never once in all of that time did I ever encounter a situation where she wasn't completely taken care of. Jennifer was unable to care for herself. Her needs had to tehrefore be 100% taken care of by your staff. They certainly did their job.
You must be doiung something right because I observed a very low turnover rate of your staff. In fact, Jennifer's main caregiver was the same person for teh entire three-and-ahalf period. That says it all.
When Jennifer was in the final stage of her life and released from the hospital to go into a hospice program, you were both kind enough to permit her to return so that she could peacefully pass in her own room and in her own bed. I know you didn't have to do that and I will always be grateful to you both for that kindness.
Ronald S.
Better Living and Care- what an appropriate name for this board and care facility! I feel very fortunate to have my aunt in this environment. She is well-cared for, all of her needs are met, and she is more stimulated and interactive. She is definitely "living better" and is receiving "better care" than in her home. It is a much more comfortable situation for both of us.
Over many years I took care of Dorothy as her Alzheimer’s Disease slowly advanced and she became increasingly more dependent. I dealt with incontinence and constant wandering, sometimes over five miles at a time. Yet all was well as I liked having this attractive and outgoing woman to care for.
Eventually she reached the stage where she no longer wanted to stand or walk and I needed volunteer help wherever we went. I soon realized that I should not inflict her needs upon other people and that I could not always take her along with me. Also, the constant bending and lifting had worn me down physically.
The time had come to place Dorothy in an assisted living home. Online I found an agency that referred me to Better Living and Care. I immediately felt that this was the place for Dorothy. The home was small and had none of the look of an institution. In fact, the moment Dorothy stepped through the door she seemed at home, as if some instinct told her that here she would receive the care she needed.
Two years have passed in which Dorothy has received better care than I was able to provide. Her disease slowly progresses while she remains in good physical health. I feed her lunch every day that I can as I still wish to care for her, but during this time I never have had any concern about the quality of care that she receives.
John Simons
Alexander Bell said “when one door closes, another opens” and such was the case when Lucien & Stella of Better Living and Care walked into our lives.

My aunt was settling into her new room at another Assisted Living facility when they decided, because of her condition, that they couldn’t keep her. Weak, 92 yrs old, and paralyzed from mid-back, the facility made one phone call on our behalf. They called Lucien and Stella of Better Living and Care. Within the hour,Lucien and Stella walked in, and after a brief appraisal of my Aunt’s
condition, said “yes!” It turned out that my Aunt recognized Lucien from when he was a young child in temple pre-school and she was the receptionist. At that moment I knew my beloved Aunt would be in safe, loving hands.

I was in for a huge surprise: not only were they loving hands to help her, there was a compassion and humanity in how she was treated, how she was bathed, fed and related to. She came to them with horrendous bedsores as the subacute facility from which she came hadn’t bathed her properly or turned her. Unable to feel anything or turn herself, she lay in one spot for most of 2 months. I was in tears and the anger was overwhelming. We were all grateful that she had no feeling & couldn’t tell the extent of her humiliation. Within 1 hr of arrival, they had bathed her (and let me stand in the shower to calm her), and gotten her into clean garments and into bed. For the next 4 months, they turned her, cleaned her and cleared up the bedsores. Each person tended to her as if she was a dear member of their own family. Stella cooked Kosher for her and brought it in daily.

The word “staff” doesn’t apply to the caregivers at Crescent Villa. They were Ombudsmen on her behalf. Not waiting for home health nurses to come in, Stella and the staff would immediately call for a nurse to avert catheter infections, or other issues. She was not just an occupant, she was their “aunt” and they hounded the nurses and drs on her behalf when necessary.

Finally succumbing to cancer, we brought in Hospice and she passed with the dignity she exhibited in her life. My Aunt was the most amazing woman, I miss her every day. I wear her wedding ring on my finger and as I look at it daily, I think of her and Stella at the same time. They are both imprinted in my heart.

I thank you all for your dignity and compassion.

Virginia G.
The decision to move our mother from her home of 55 years to Better Living was emotionally wrenching. We are sure that it was the safest and best option, since very late stage dementia dramatically threatened her health. Thanks to Stella, Lucien and the Better Living caregivers, our mother experienced an intimate, highly professional, and nurturing setting with the best of care. Without Better Living, the alternative would have been a nursing home.

For three years, Stella, Lucien and the excellent Better Living caregivers took extraordinary care of our mother. Repeatedly, the staff provided exemplary one-on-one care, allowing our mom to bounce back from several serious illnesses and hospitalizations in a most amazing way. Each time she was admitted to the hospital, the medical staff commented on the excellent state of her skin (the first line against infection), something that is virtually unheard of in patients living in a care home. After one hospitalization, her health demanded that she be fed very slowly and with tiny portions, taking a couple of hours to feed her a meal. The caregivers took the time and attention necessary, and eventually she recovered to regain independence that we were sure was lost. Stella and Lucien effectively and consistently advocated for her health and well being, which offered great peace of mind, especially since I live 400 miles away and could not arrive immediately when illness struck.

During her final hospitalization of three weeks, she did not open her eyes or show any sign of consciousness. But when she returned to Better Living and heard Stella's voice, she opened her eyes and smiled at Stella. This was a most remarkable experience that was typical of Stella, Lucien and the dedicated caregivers.
Naomi R.
I want to give the HIGHEST recommendation I can to Lucien Ezros at Better Living and urge you to please put this at the top of your list when selecting a nursing care facility for your loved one.

I toured the facility and it was immaculate, patients all looked tremendously well cared for and in good spirits. It was spic and span clean and the rooms are beyond lovely and spacious.

Lucien was tremendously informative, caring, patient and at all times professional.

You could tell he has a deep concern for the patients and their family and has done everything he could to give us tremendous confidence. I just cannot say enough about him and the Better Living staff.

I want to thank you for a wonderful experience at Better Living.

Best wishes,

Arianna Eisenberg